We’ve made a lot of great memories in 2019. From working mom’s, to first time ironman challengers, to marathon finishers, and aspiring pros. Thanks to each and every one of you who made this year special for me.

We’ve had a lot of great success in 2019 and I’m looking forward to growing with you all again in 2020.

Coach Dan


Highighted TTR Athletes

Kaeleb Royster

Russ Shaner


Patrick O’Brien


Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox

Aileen Smith

Aileen Smith

Josh Hall

Kaeleb Royster

Race Recaps

Keep up with Kealeb Royster’s race season.

Deborah Cox

Training With TTR

What Deborah learned from training with TTR for her first tri!

Deborah Cox

Happy Athletes

Deborah Cox. Prescott, Arizona

“Coach Dan’s personal attention and encouragement were invaluable. He wanted to know when I was sick, injured or even just tired and dragging. He didn’t care that I’m not and will never be an elite athlete. He truly went the extra distance to make sure I had everything I needed to maximize my training experience. He wanted to help me meet my goals and my questions and concerns were always answered.  He told me I could do it and I decided to believe him.” 

Russ Shaner. Boise, Idaho

“Thanks to Dan and TTR, they planned the work and I worked the plan! Nailed the PR!” 

Cecile Pochet. Chicago, Illinois

“And it’s a wrap, PR today 2:30 with a 1:10 on the bike and 50 minutes on the run! Training To Race thank you for your support and coaching.” 

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